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Why Use Every Door Direct Mail To Promote Your Business?

Every Door Direct Mail is a new direct mail service for small businesses from the US Postal Service that can help grow your business. It allows you to reach new and existing customers without a mailing list, since everyone within a particular route receives your mail.

One of the major reasons to use EDDM is its mapping tool that allows you to locate a target audience based on household size, age, and income. You can then create a carrier route based on where you think they live, and the postal service will deliver your mail to every residential mailbox (with an option to deliver to PO boxes and business mailboxes) within it. EDDM allows you to send from 200 to 5000 direct mail pieces in a day within a specific ZIP code, with postage rates of as low as $0.154 per piece.

The main beneficiary of EDDM is small businesses that target a local audience. They can use the program to send mailings to potential and existing customers within their service area. For instance, if you're a pizza restaurant that delivers within a five-mile radius, you can use EDDM to send delivery menus and discount coupons to everybody living inside that particular area.

One disadvantage of EDDM is that you're limited to flat mailers, which can be a postcard, flyer, or brochure. However, this limitation shouldn't hinder your creativity, since there are still many ways you can create effective mailers. Since your mailers are delivered in a timely manner, you can use them to drive business by promoting time-sensitive sales. You can even use your mailers as part of a multi-channel advertising campaign by including your website URL and making offers only redeemable online.

To ensure the effectiveness of your EDDM campaign, make sure that your mailer stands out. One way you can do this is to create direct mail pieces using a special paper stock, or features such as foil stamping and high gloss coating. You should also make sure that your layout is striking and attention getting, with attractive visuals such as infographics and photos.

You should also take advantage of the large mailer format by sending the biggest mailer allowable. This will help it stand out from the other mail that your customer normally receives, and makes it more likely they will open it.

And dont forget to make sure that your call to action is easy to understand and follow. The recipient should know what action you want him to take next, whether it's to visit your store on a certain date, or redeem your offer online.

Why It’s Amazing To Employ Sign Spinner Marketing Strategy

Human interest reaches amazing heights when they see someone performing great tricks and moves, And, here lies the secret to making sign spinning a very beneficial marketing strategy that costs much less than most other advertising modes. Here's a detailed explanation why it's amazing to employ sign spinner marketing strategy for your advertisements.

Unconventional One-on-One Marketing

Not only does a sign spinner catch people's attention with their different tricks, they pull off the advertisement campaigns in a totally unconventional manner and go for a much more personalized marketing aiming at potential clients. They can always go for a direct interaction with people who seem to be interested in the ads, as well as solve their queries right then and there. There are times when a person can't stop by a spinner, but they surely get a little intrigued by what the spinner has got in hand, thereby often making an effort to speak to them later.

Great Flexibility In Terms of Location

You have a whole world of options when it comes to choosing the location of advertisement with sign spinning as your marketing strategy. You can target the streets, markets, public parks and a bunch of different venues, whereas the traditional advertisement can't be carried to a place where there are more chances to draw people to the campaigns. Sign spinners can gather huge exposure with your ads in hand coupled up with their dances and tricks.

Advertise At The Perfect Time

You must have come across loads of advertisements printed in magazines and newspapers, but ended up not noticing them much. In fact, there are times when you simply didn't get to see an ad as it wasn't printed on the very first page of the newspaper. About 80% of advertisements are forgotten by people in just a matter of few hours after seeing them - thanks to our busy schedules. And even if one notices an ad and finds it interesting, they might not be always close to the business premises and thereby, end up forgetting the same soon. Sign spinning on the other hand, works as a marketing strategy that most people find hard not to notice as it's an actual human holding the signboards. Also, the spinners showcase the advertisements to the target clients at a moment when they can easily approach or visit the business premises if they find it intriguing enough.