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Common Misconceptions about Internet Marketing


Most people still believe in offline marketing this is brought by not understanding the facts about internet marketing in which case one can get accurate data, reach the required age group and also people in a particular location.

There can be a fair amount of confusion when someone asks ‘What is meant by the term internet marketing?’. It is the question that few dare ask and very few actually understand. This articles aim is to try to correct any misunderstandings you may have and gain a sense of clarity to it all.

Internet marketing is just another way of describing “Social Media’’

Social media is a hugely important aspect of Internet marketing but it is far broader than that. Internet marketing includes anything that makes use of smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, electronic billboards as well as radio and television. Within these tools digital marketing takes many different forms, from websites for mobile platforms, to personalised emails and interactive adverts.

Internet marketing is technical and should be the responsibility of the ‘technically gifted’

The technology is merely a (usually very simple to use) tool to reach and engage people in a product or service. It is mainly a marketing skill not a technical one. Internet marketing is not relevant to small businesses

Internet marketing gives you the chance to communicate with customers (without a call centre), to sell directly (without the expense of a shop) and to engage and research customers’ preferences. Internet marketing gives small businesses the tools which, in the past, were only available to businesses with big budgets.

As a small company you can react on social media in minutes and tailor messages for local customers that will engage them. This is something that large businesses often struggle with, when even a tweet has to go through numerous approval processes and are often written centrally.

Internet marketing should be a separate part of the company’s strategy

Like all marketing, digital marketing has to be fully integrated with the business strategy. Most companies now recognise that their website is their ‘shop window’ and few companies would put out a press release without giving careful consideration to the messages that it contained and the impression it gives of the company.

However, social media is part of that shop window and it too is a public communication. With most people now using social media, it is more likely that a company’s personality will be judged on their presence and interaction (or lack of interaction), there than anywhere else.

Internet marketing is difficult to track or measure

With today’s apps and digital capability there is more up-to-date, real-time data than ever before and it’s easily accessible and available. For example, if you post on Twitter or Facebook you can check your website analytics to see if there has been a spike in the number of unique visitors to your site. Things like Google analytics are now readily available and most social networking sites offer their own form of analysis.

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There is a great misunderstandings by most people on how internet marketing works. People don’t seem to follow the required standards. Everyone tend to think they are professionals and thus they don’t seek help in what they do. Internet marketing requires experience to understand the changes.

On the one hand, the technologies of Internet marketing may appear so alien to some, that the whole subject is confusing.

On the other hand, there are some aspects of Internet marketing that are simple enough, that given an understanding of certain components (like, say, how to create a blog), that one may consider the entire subject relatively simple.

Therein lies somewhat of a danger. As an analogy, some individuals might believe they are competent photographers because they have a digital camera and have taken some good photos. However, the difference between a competent amateur photographer and one who is a true professional can be so significant, that it defies logic and rational economics at first blush.

Why will companies and/or advertising agencies pay thousands of dollars to utilize the services of a top pro as opposed to a photographer who would potentially charge a lot less, but lacks pro experience?

In simple terms, what it takes to provide PREDICTABLY good images, under specialized and/or pressured circumstances – on demand – is so different than what it takes to turn out good photos at one’s leisure, that the value difference between an amateur and top level pro can be exponential in terms of cost.

Returning to marketing, and achieving PREDICTABLE results, the difference between an experienced marketing professional and one who is not, can, in some circumstances, equate to the success or a failure of a company. Which is why some companies will pay large sums to consult with outside marketing professionals, when they are already funding large budgets internally for marketing services.

The understanding and misunderstanding of professional marketing is further complicated by the fact that the rate of change in marketing technology, and the execution of such, has evolved in more ways since the advent of the 21st century than at any point previously. Even highly successful marketing executives who may have retired several years ago, are out of the loop in terms of modern marketing technologies.

Internet marketing has not only dramatically changed the calculus of marketing in general, but the changes are still evolving every day!

However, the bad news is that the simplicity and low cost of setting up websites has led to misunderstandings about the “marketing” of products and services via the Internet.

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The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization

Sites built as a series of different websites or linked pages will need to The keywords used in the text of each page title will be the magnet that draws traffic to the site. You might need to contact a Dallas SEO Company to explain this concept in futher detail.

You must choose SEO keywords that have high keyword frequency demand and low keyword competition. Doing this makes it easier for you to rank highly in the search engines and helps bring more interested motivated visitors (potential customers) to your website. Instead of creating search engine optimization initiatives to tackle hundreds of keywords, the top converted pay-per-click keywords are targets. Site content, link building, and various other search engine optimization techniques can push these elite keywords. Advertisers do not have to waste time trying to get rankings for keywords that do not convert. Instead, spend your time and energy on making sure you target keywords and phrases that customers would be searching for if they were ready to make a purchase. An example of this would be something like "emergency plumber." If the user is searching Google for an emergency, they are looking for a plumber that can help them right away.

Google provides a tool that helps you develop a Pay Per Click (PPC AdWords) campaign. You can also use it to find good potential keywords for your website content. The advantage of this tool is that it gives a lot of possible keywords. You put in your site URL into their tool, and they generate a lot of potential keywords. The disadvantage is that the tool gives the keyword traffic results in bar graphs, not numbers. You can also enter specific keywords, and Google will return synonyms and other potentially related keywords. Google has excellent instructions on their website for using both aspects of this tool.

It is always a good idea to have your business name in the title of your home page, but after that, it may well be a waste of valuable real estate space and keywords to include it on each page on the website. By using your chosen relevant keywords instead, you will find your site will be displayed nearer to the top listings on the search engines.

Some businesses have a very general market. They may be optimized to seek high search engine rankings using standard general keywords and phrases. This use of very broad keywords can work for sites with general interests.

If your website has a specific interest, reliance on generic keywords may be less effective. Using less specific keywords brings large volumes of website traffic with little benefit for your business. You have to remember that search engine users type in general keywords for many different reasons. They are often seeking something very different than your goods and services. They may come to your site and leave quickly without spending very long on your site which can affect your search engine rankings. The result will be lower conversion rates. It is a wasted effort and does not help your business grow.

A Brief Insight Into Seo Services

The expert SEO service provider can raise your website above your competitors. Based on the SEO professionals, they used to aid the business owner take their websites to the top position in the search engine rankings. They make sure that the website has different settings which entice the user of the internet.. They make sure that the website has different settings which entice the user of the internet. The professional of SEO applies the latest analytics service that has a positive effect on a site. SEO firms are literally facing high competition in the world of SEO. However, they establish guaranteed services in order to cope up with a competition.

The guaranteed SEO services incorporate the 100% money refund, in case, if your site not be ranked in the top position on the search engines like Yahoo and Google. Thus, the SEO firms make sure the clients which the amount repay will be done, because the SEO experts are not certain whether the website will be ranked in the top position in the search engine.

Major tasks performed by the SEO experts:

Create site content with the help of the SEO services Offer SEO advice on site development, such as usage of the web hosting and JavaScript. Make sure the website is reviewed properly in the structure and content.