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Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Still A Viable Option

To the question Is direct mail marketing still effective? the resounding response is YES. If you see catalogues, brochures, business letters, flyers and newsletters around, theres no doubt that direct mails still exist.

The next question is: Why does direct mail remain a viable option when online marketing tools are far more convenient and cheaper? There must be something attractive about it that online devices cannot give. Lets take a look at some points raised by experts.

Memory Retention

Not all people think the same way. Many cant just simply get rid of the traditional direct mail for one reason or another. According to the latest research, 33% think that direct mail is still most effective when it comes to memory retention.

Do you still remember those shoes or the car you saw in a brochure last month or even last year? If you can make people remember your products through your visuals, then use direct mail marketing.

Make People Act

About 79% of people think they will buy immediately after seeing products presented on a brochure or a flyer. How many people have immediately entered a restaurant upon receiving a flyer saying that such and such a dish is offered for a discounted price for the day?

Its not about hunger. Its about how the offer is presented.

Excited to See Whats in the Box

Dont think that the mail box is a thing of the past. Quite contrary to this perception, the mail box is one thing people look forward to seeing every day. About 74% of people do that.

Its no wonder insurance companies keep on sending mail to entice consumers to try their new offerings. Banks, car companies, restaurants and many more do the same on a weekly or monthly basis. Whats the conclusion from this? Direct mail produce results.

Tangible Solutions

Experts think that another advantage direct mail has over email, is the ability to present tangible solutions to peoples needs.

You get coupons and they help you save money. There are discounted items, or Buy 1 get one free offerings, and then you think of taking advantage of them, lest you be stuck with products youre interested in but are far more expensive.

Your children will enter college next semester. Which colleges will fit your budget? Thank goodness that university sent you mail this morning! The solution is right there in your hand.

Wider Reach

While grandpa may be one of the few elderly people who knows how to use the Internet, many from this age group dont use the Internet at all. The sad thing is, this group is often the one that has significant savings in the bank, and they are usually the decision makers in the family.

If these people cant be reached through the Internet, then send the good news to their mailbox. On the other hand, you dont know where exactly those emails are going, or if they get read at all. With direct mail, you know your target audience, and you know that they read them.