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What Is The Importance Of Back Links In Seo?

SEO is an ever-evolving campaign and the importance of backlinks in keeping SEO alive is now more prevalent than it has ever been. If you are new to this SEO process and don’t know about backlinks yet, let me give you a brief overview. Back links are the inbound links that lead users to your website directly. If back links are used properly they can become main foundation of search engine optimization. Higher number of back links means higher popularity of your website or blog in search engines.

The quality of backlinks

The quality of backlinks is also important for search engines like Google. They index your website depending upon quality of these inbound links. If you are doing everything right from having good quality back links to getting indexed by search engines, you will drive more traffic to your website. Your website will start appearing more and more in search queries

The visibility and quality of your website is dictated by inbound links. To gain credibility of top search engines like Google, your website needs endorsements. A website is only going to endorse you if they put links to you website in their content. The links will help people to navigate from their website to yours. Hence increasing the relevancy of your website in search queries.

However relevancy can just not be sustained by only inbound links. A search engine considers other aspects too in relation to back links. For instance: quality of content, keywords, length of article and many more. Keywords play a very critical role in this regard. No matter how high quality your back link is, but if it leads to wrong content then it’s of no use.

Placement of back links

Placement plays an important role in success of SEO. Contextual back links are the inbound links that are introduced in the middle of sentences. These links make way more sense as they are related to content and keywords on that given page. The random links do not contribute in any way. It is better to take help of a professional to guide you to place links at such positions where there is more likelihood of people clicking it.

Building back links takes time and research. Abruptly introducing back links in webpages wouldn’t be meaningful. Users won’t be interested in opening a link unless it’s related to what they are already looking for and there is an opportunity to get more information through that link.

Business owners have fully realized the importance of back links and unfortunately some of them are using fraudulent ways to get them. Through these deceptive methods they might get successful in driving traffic to their website for a short while. But in short amount of time their ranking starts going down and they soon realize that they have done more harm to their business than good. Google also penalizes for adding corrupted back links.

Few ways to create high quality backlinks

1. One of the easiest way to get backlinks is to write blogs for other websites and provide links to your website in those blogs. This is usually referred to as guest blogging.

2. Use different PR techniques to get backlinks. These may include press releases and use of social networks.

3. If you already have broken links, you can work with them by fixing and re-using them.

4. Look for the content that has been abandoned and then re-write it with your page links.

5. Use resource links to create backlinks.

The process of building links goes back to late 1990s, when Google was ruling the search engine market. However till this day there popularity has not decreased rather it keeps blooming. The reason behind this constant evolution is that they are viewed as vote of confidence and a certificate of credibility. If a trusted website is referring to you website, it means that you have earned well enough reputation. This shows that your content must be speaking for itself that is why outsiders are directing traffic to you. It testifies your credibility in the market and adds value for the audience. Therefore if you are planning to hire a SEO company, ask them to work on building back links. These professionals design building back links strategy by analyzing your business, your competitors business, the needs of your target audience and Google rules and recommendations. It will save you from getting scam links that not only damage your reputation but results in getting a big penalty from Google.