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Qualities Of A Good Criminal Qc.

A criminal QC is a senior barrister in the court who practices criminal law. Here are some of the qualities you should look for if you need to hire one.


It is important for the QC to be honest. Many at times, a barrister may decide to sugar coat the details of the case or the outcome in order to prevent the client from panicking or getting discouraged. However, it is best to tell the truth of the case than to fill the client with false hope only for them to realise the horrible truth in the end.


It is crucial for the QC to be completely transparent with the client. This means that they should tell them all the details of the case including the fees that they will charge. If they have a moral dilemma then they should also let the client know before the situation gets uncomfortable. If the QC is transparent with the client, then the client will be inclined to tell the truth which will make the case much smoother to work on.

A Good Judge Of Character.

A QC should be able to tell when they suspect the client is lying. It is very difficult to handle criminal defense cases if the client is not being absolutely truthful. If the QC can be able to tell when the client is holding back information, then it is an advantage.

Good Moral standards.

The QC should have good moral standards in order to handle cases with honesty. Most guilty clients tend to try manipulation of the legal system to get away with crimes. The QC is supposed to be able to avoid getting in to bed with such criminals and handle the case as expected of them.

Availability To Clients.

A good QC should be able to avail themselves to their clients fully. At times it may prove to be difficult juggling several cases at a time. If the QC is not able to deal with the case, then they should advise the client to look for someone else. Leading the client on then working the case poorly is not the best decision.

With this advice, you should be able to get a good criminal QC. In addition to that, it is an added advantage to hire a QC who has lots of experience as they will have the peoper skill set to help you out.