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Increasing Traffic to your Website

Gone are the days when you just had an ecommerce shop and simply wait for people to come and buy things. The virtual business jungle is now full of great competition and you need to buckle up. There is need to increase traffic to your site because more traffic means more exposure which in turn means more sales. This can be done in several ways.

Ways To Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Traffic & Sales

Landing Pages

Send paid traffic to landing pages for products not to the homepage. Or send paid traffic to categories that match the users intent. Optimizing landing pages is a must, if you’re not doing it read this article first.

Products descriptions and SEO

Use product descriptions, and make sure they are both engaging and original. There are reasons for both of these rules. The text description gives search engines something to index and well-chosen key words ensure that you can be found. Creating unique descriptions prevents you from being accidentally filtered out as spam by search engines.

Site-wide search means sales

Attracting customers to your site is only half the battle. Helping them find products on your page is essential to close the sale. And the best way to do this is with an easy-to-find and easy-to-use search function. Utilize every aspect of design to help it stand out: placement, color, cursor focus, and the all-important white space. And make sure to do your own on-site keyword analysis to improve descriptions.


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At times the difference between you getting lots of traffic and none is the website design. People are attracted to certain colors, layouts and fonts. Change in your website design can really go a long way.

Reasons why you should redesign your old website.

Is the Design of Your Old website is very ugly?

Look always matter because it creates the first impression on users’ mind. If your website doesn’t look sufficiently good, I am afraid visitors may leave your website.Create an outstanding website that people love to view it.

Is your website made in Flash?

It’s horrible. It’s not about look but most search engines can’t crawl flash websites properly. It results in very low search engine ranking and ultimately results in low traffic on your website.

Is your website too Slow?

No one has more than 5 seconds to wait for your website being loaded. You know why? Because they have many option. They can go to the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and click the next result.

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Your website also needs to be user friendly for you to reap full rewards from your traffic. There is nothing more frustrating as landing on a site that proves difficult to navigate. A frustrated visitor will leave the site and look for one that is easier to use. There are a few tips that can help you build a user friendly site.

Make sure your navigation is simple and easy to follow

When building out your site map your goal should be to keep it as intuitive and simple as possible. Name each page appropriately and make sure that the sub navigation relates to its main navigation option. If you have a larger site map, create a utility navigation, a smaller navigation bar found in the top right of some websites, to avoid overcrowding on the main navigation bar.

Keep your logo at the top and to the left

Placing your logo in the top left corner of your web page lets the visitor know whose site they are on and they will identify your name with the content they are seeing. The logo should also serve as a direct link to the homepage, allowing the visitor to return to it no matter where they are within the site.

Place your navigation at the top or left side of your website

Visitors need to be able to see their options to navigate through your site. Place your main navigation along the top or left hand side of your site anchor it there if you can. Most importantly, make sure the navigation is above the fold no matter what device or monitor is used.