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What Is Hubspot?

HubSpot is an innovative inbound marketing and sales software which is aimed at helping companies to attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Launched in 2006, the HubSpot software was designed to assist businesses with their inbound marketing strategies. In 2017, over 30,000 businesses in more than 90 countries made use of HubSpot’s Growth Stack software to build their sales and achieve increased revenue growth.

While many business owners already take advantage of the tools available on HubSpot many still do not know how it can benefit their business. Included in the HubSpot’s Growth Stack is CRM and sales enablement tools, but the foundation of the Growth Stack is HubSpot Marketing.

Organizations making use of Concentric certified partners have the added feature that all their marketing tools are placed under one umbrella, therefore, allowing them to make use of the same data. These tools are everything marketers would need to increase traffic to websites. It also enables marketing departments to convert visitors to a business website into actual usable leads.

Here is a comprehensive summary of HubSpot Marketing’s functionality:
Website Builder
Through HubSpot business are able to design, build, host, and modify their website without soliciting the help of a professional designer. Creating your own site is as simple as dragging and dropping items with your mouse. The tool makes personalization of your website simple and quick.

Hosting a blog is an important part of successful online marketing. The benefits of having a business blog are endless. Through HubSpot, you will be able to easily create and publish content you’re your blog.

HubSpot will assist you in discovering the most relevant keywords to optimize your content.

This is particularly great for businesses making use of Facebook Ads, Google AdWords or event LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. The HubSpot’s Ads add-on allows users to track clicks and potential leads.

Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and Landing Pages
It is always great to increase website traffic but the key to a successful marketing strategy is ensuring those clicks are turned into leads. CTA’s are a great way for businesses to increase lead capture functionality. CTA buttons are used to drive traffic to landing pages they can be quickly added to your website without the help of a professional.

Lead/List Management and Segmentation
By using HubSpot you will be able to ensure that all your marketing data and leads are stored in one database. Businesses can then easily access this data to make use of it.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to generate new leads and with HubSpot, businesses can ensure that they have improved deliverability.

Marketing Automation
Through the automation of tasks, marketers are able to accomplish more in less time and with fewer resources. Through HubSpot’s marketing automation businesses are able to design, build and execute their personalized engagement workflows.

Social Inbox
HubSpot is able to help a business increase their social media activity as well as improve their social interactions. This can be done through posting on multiple networks which can be planned and scheduled in a few clicks.

Due to HubSpot’s integrated database, it is really simple to compile custom reports which can track data to a specific point.

HubSpot is widely known as a powerful marketing tool. But, it is important to realize that it is just that, a tool. Take the time to combine this powerful tool with a well-planned marketing strategy to ensure your business stays strides ahead of its competition.