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The Impact Of Digital Marketing On Consumer Behavior And Loyalty

A company would want to see repeated customers, and for that, they have to provide good service. When customers buy products of a brand, because they trust its quality, know that the brand would solve their problems without any delay, and give them what they paid for, then such customers would spread the good reputation of a brand, through word of mouth. Customer repetition, regardless of the price, is customer loyalty and influencing the choice of a customer through marketing, is consumer behavior.

Digital marketing has an impact on both; digital marketing can be personalized for loyal customers and it can be used to influence the choice of consumers, for both products and services.

Look Of The Product

Consumer behavior can be influenced by digital marketing, as many consumers can be influenced to purchase a product, just through its images. When marketers create an ad, and the products sell on an online website, then marketers make sure that the product looks appealing. Most of the time, the image of a product and the real thing, do not look the same. However, making a product look attractive and appealing does impact consumer behavior and might make a consumer impulsive to buy a product.

Informed Choices

Digital marketing helps consumers make informed choices. Blogging and reviews are a part of digital marketing. When customers want to buy a product, they often look for reviews about the specific product, or a blog that discusses its benefits and drawbacks. These are two digital marketing techniques that can be used by brands to influence the purchase decision of the consumer. If a consumer reads a product review of another customers experience on the brands website, and read a blog on the same website, about the products function and benefits, then that consumer is more likely to buy the product.

Social Media

Creating hype of a product is something brands can do, to influenced consumer behavior. A hype can be created by brands in the shape of trending topics on both Twitter and Facebook. When a consumer sees such a hype, he would want to buy the product, out of curiosity and just to see what everyone is talking about. This technique works when products are of low cost, like soft drinks, chips or biscuits.

Give Them A Reason

Consumers would buy a product, if they have a reason to. For example, if a brand sees that their competitor is doing better, then the brand has to make a case in front of the consumer, as to why they should buy the brands product. For this, the brand can use infographics, to point out the differences between the brands product and its competitor. They can emphasize on the benefits that consumers would get if they buy the brands product, the ones they are not getting with the competitors her latest blog.

Digital marketing is a great tool to build customer loyalty, and such an opportunity should be utilized by every company out there.

Target Audience

Customer loyalty can be built if a marketer tries to understand the target audience of a company. At times, repeated customers might disappear from the sales cycle and a marketer should always try to find out what happened. It could be that a customer received bad customer service, the staff was rude to him, the product that he received was damaged or he never received the product. If a marketer does a follow up with the customers, get their feedback after sales, then that could help in gaining customer loyalty.

Email Marketing

Email marketing gives marketers the chance to connect with customers on a more personal level. They can email the customer to ask them where they have been, if they have not made any purchase for a long time. They can send customers discount product list or voucher codes, to get their attention and loyalty. When the customer sees that the brand is giving them special treatment, then they are more likely to be loyal to such a brand.

Social Media

Social media websites are a great way to make customers loyal to a brand. In order to gain customer loyalty, brands should directly engage with customers and get their feedback about various products. When a new customer follows them on social media, they should welcome the customer; they should always ask for feedback in case of new products, to show customers that their opinion matters.