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The Different Ways Of Creating Seo Videos For Digital Marketing

Creating videos that customers would like isnt an easy task. Digital marketing involves creating videos that are interesting, and dont contain an offensive message for anyone. A marketer might find himself in a tough situation at times, where he wont feel the inspiration, and find out content for a video. There are several different ways through which videos can be created for digital marketing purposes.

Telling A Story

If a video tells a story, and an interesting one at that, it would be very effective for digital marketing. A story should be something that moves the audience, they share the video on other platforms, and they respond to the video. A video should show the brands logo or product subtly, or the story could revolve around the benefits of using the product. A story would be effective because it properly appeals to the audience and grabs their attention. They might see their needs, desires or dreams in that video.

Attention Grabbing Hook

If the start of the video doesnt grab the attention of the audience, then they wont see the whole video. The first ten seconds of a video should stand out. To get inspiration, a marketer should always see those videos which go viral and how they stand out from videos that are ordinary in nature. The introduction shouldnt be too heavy, but it should stand out, or create curiosity among the audience.

Appealing Title

The title of the video should be eye-catching; for inspiration, marketers should look at click bait videos and they convince the audience, that they have to see the video, no matter what. The titles should contain relevant keywords, so that the audience knows what they will be watching –

Boring Videos

Just showing a product and asking the audience to buy it, because it will benefit them, doesnt make a good video but a boring video. The marketer should create a video that is interesting, doesnt force the product or service to the customer and presents it in an innovative way. Through videos, brands get the chance to form a brand impression or built a good brand image.

Informative Videos

Videos should have information; they should teach people how to do things. For example, videos can be about how to tie a knot, how to change a bulb, how to do your taxes, or how to make a social media account. If a video fulfills some kind of purpose, then people would watch it more, as compared to other videos.

Product Reviews

When product reviews and descriptions are done through videos, they have more impact on customers, than just plain text. A video would have greater impact if someone demonstrates the benefits of a product, by using it. For example, if it is an exercise machine, then a person can exercise in front of the camera, to show prospective customers how it is done. Customer reviews are often called testimonials, and if they are in video form and not in text form, then they become more believable.