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Seo Trends In 2019

SEO Trends In 2019

To stay competitive in the marketing environment, companies need to stay up to date about SEO strategies and plan how to implement them in advance. The shortcut to success for companies to get to know about the new SEO trends, like Googles mobile and speed efforts Web CEO.

Understanding User Intent

It is not just enough to find out keywords and use them in SEO content Read More. In 2019, SEO experts have to dig in deeper and find out user intent; what exactly does the user wants to see when he types in a query. If a website is not properly optimized and the content is not written according to quality standards, then the preferences of the audience would move towards another website.

2019 is all about knowing what content the customer consumes, their interests and tastes Search Engine Journal A high ranking website should be all about its audience, because if it contains what the user wants to consume, then he will spend more time exploring it.

Mobile Indexing

Google uses the mobile version of a webpage, to index and rank it. A website should know about the action plan required to make it easier for Google bot to crawl a mobile website. A marketer would track the speed of the webpage on the mobile, and check it for user experience. Every webpage should be designed keeping in mind that it will be accessed using mobile phones as well. The text of the website should not be too small, and it is recommended not to use plug-ins for pages, as it would be troublesome for the user Search Engine Land.

Voice Search

When a marketer or an SEO expert is designing a website, he should know about how things have changed, in terms of searching. As people use mobile phones to search for products, services or places, they dont type their search anymore, but use voice search. SEO experts should know how to teach computers to recognize speed, and understand it and that too, not only in one language but more than one.

User Experience And SEO

User experience, be it any website, should be smooth as it impacts the efforts that companies put into SEO WhosTalkinSEO. If a user is not able to explore as website properly, if the navigation is difficult, then the user would be disappointed with a website and wont return to it. Moreover, user experience is also about making sure that the data user provides to websites, is secure. For example, if a user puts in his contact information and email address for the brand to send promotions and new product launch, then that contact information should not be sold or shared with other parties, or else, the customer would not buy from the business again.

User experience is also about the loading speed of the website, particularly on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Websites should be optimized in a way that they dont load slow when opened anywhere, other than the desktop computers or laptops.

Featured Snippets

When creating SEO content, marketers should understand user intent; when users search for something on Google or on other search engines, they want to see featured snippets. Featured snippets are small bullet points, which give users a short and direct answer regarding their query. For example, if a user searches for basic concepts of SEO, the featured snippets would be as follows:


Long tail keywords

On page SEO

Off page SEO


Meta description

Meta titles


Quality content

These featured snippets give a user a general idea about the basic concepts of SEO and if they visit the link given under the snippets, then they would be taken to a website where they can learn more.

Content Matters

The content that SEO marketers post on their website will always be relevant, whether it is 2019 or 2020 Express Writers. SEO copywriters should come up with content, which is deep and relevant to the query of users. It should not be ridden with keywords; keywords should be included in content creation, but their use should be subtle. If content is not created keeping in mind user intent, then it wont be useful for the user or the website.

If a website posts technical content, then they should consult experts before doing that Hackernoon. If the content is not backed by any good or credible references or known experts, then the user would lose faith in the website. For example, if a website is talking about the economic crisis in a country, then it should interview known and credible economists, instead of interviewing a designer for it.

Video Optimization

Websites should optimize videos for not only YouTube, but other platforms as well. They should make videos showing company culture and tutorials; helpful videos that can answer queries of customers and help them. Websites should adopt the trend of creating vlogs, because they have the ability to drive in more organic traffic to websites. Videos created by marketers should be shared on popular platforms like Vimeo, Vevo, Flickr, Dailymotion, Twitch and Pinterest.

Long Content And Engaging The Audience

Not every customer is going to be impressed with a Twitter or Facebook short post do watch the video. There are readers out there who want to read valuable and quality content. For such readers, particularly if they are part of the target audience, copywriters should create long and engaging content. If needed, there should be references at the end of the content, and the content should have relevant videos and images and links to other articles, so that users find it more useful.

The main point here is to optimize content for smart phones, be it a video, an article, an ecommerce website or a vlog. People use their smart phones for everything, and if they are opening a brands website, then they expect the same experience, they get on their laptops.