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Midwest Voice Translator

Oh yeah, come on over, maybe bring a beard tree and he gets mad when you show up with a tree. What in the heck is that keep her moving put her down by the Davenport, introducing the world’s first Midwest voice, translator and bottle opener, the only device that translates Wisconsin’is you Bernie’s and Minnesotan in the English where’d.

You say you want this again. I just put her down by the Davenport place: the item by the couch, the Midwest voice. Translator works on simple phrases: gee did you eat complex phrases, so we’re my pleased or inch up top Mike Campbell down below? I am wearing my church clothes compound sentences. Guysss me, you want a book light is his I might as well sweep from the bubbler. You know it’s a horse of peace.

A man asked me. If I wanted a Bud Light, I told him I might as well drink from the water fountain. It’S the same thing, an even profanity, Jeepers crepes on Friday. Now this device is so powerful. It can even detect changes in emotion, read how the exact same phrase can mean two very different things. Oh, let me squeeze right past. You excuse me mind if I pass off. Let me squeeze right past. You drive your sorry ass back to Illinois.

Occasionally there will be a word or phrase. This device does not understand hey. Can you read them all? I sandy Zink: that’s when you turn to the bottle: opener function and after a couple beers you’ll be speaking in the same language. Anyway, I’m telling you you run dat water and dem things fill unstop pretty good. Yet, oh yes, she’s untying good and wait. If you order within the next 30 minutes, we’ll throw in a Wisconsin boys, translator, AppleTV, kuzey, absolutely free, simply slip.

This kuzey on your Apple TV and your favorite movies and television shows will be dubbed into Wisconsin EES UI. You ever been to Wisconsin home of the Packers Miller High Life like the champagne of beers. Well, they have some of the coldest winters around. Oh, you have to go home now, my packers. Do you know the last time two Vikings won a Super Bowl yeah. Never so normally the Midwest voice, translator, bottle opener and the Apple TV translator kuzey would be hundreds of sense.

But if you order right now, they both can be yours for two low payments of your favorite six-pack. That’S right just send me some beer, and these are yours. The address is on the screen or you can go to man 12 in calm. You can even send fog light because trees have to drink. So what are you waiting for get yours today? No trees were harmed in the making of this commercial because Bud Light is water.

Are you of the Boston Dawson’s? Not the Chippewa Falls Dawson’s. Actually,

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