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When your business in fact begins to have a global reach or you simply wish to reach a different target market you may need localization and translation services to understand the culture, language and form of communication between your business and the consumer.
ITU offers several services in the translation arena. ITU Translations, ITU apostille Services, ITU localization services

Directly translating your website will not be enough, you will have to go a step further and consider language localization. Professionally translating your website might suffice for converting the source language to a target language. This can be practical when you want to respect the grammar rule and syntax, considering the target languages guidelines and standards. Useful for rewriting scientific journals and literature, technical publications, medical or legal documents, user manuals and other important documents. Professional translators will ensure the work is accurate, and the language reflects the meaning of the original text.

Localization is different, it is far more than just translating a document into a numerous language. Professional localization services will help you adapt your message to satisfy the local audience. To utterly understand the importance of language, you will need to examine how large brands such a Coca Cola have successfully used language localization. Through messages on websites, billboards, multimedia content, apps, local advertising, etc. language localization has for decades helped make them a global brand.

For example, even though Spain, Mexico and Argentina all speak Spanish as their native language, nobody can pretend that these countries are the same, never mind their people. The same could be said for Ireland, South Africa, and New Zealand. All three speak English as a first language, but large multinationals do not run the same advertising or marketing campaigns in each. Each country uses English in a unique fashion.

Naturally the first step in any localization process is translation a qualified linguist is needed and ITU provides certified translators. Employing a team of experts who can provide both professional translation as well as localization services could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Such a team will be capable of making sure your message adheres to local laws and traditions by localizing your message to your target market. Call ITU translations today and we will consult your language needs.

To successfully extend your global reach, you will have to localize to every target market. To launch a localized marketing or advertising campaign you will have to alter every step of the process. Up to and including market research, desktop publishing, SEO, optimizing your landing pages just to name a few.

Translation while important will not be enough to truly immerse yourself in new markets, A localization service will help you take a more nuanced cultural approach. Locals need to be made feel important, initiating a campaign just for them is going to do that. A campaign that can convey your message in a manner that fits in with local traditions and values. Helping locals identify with your brand and its message before they decide to buy.

Tailoring your message to fulfill local expectations will help you in engaging with people on a more personal level. This will help you make the most of your time and money as you work hard to extend your global reach. ITU translation is your one stop shop translation agency.
The importance of language localization is not just confined to advertising and marketing, it helps governments, non-profits, and other companies communicate more effectively to global audiences.

ITU Services has its headquarters in Miami with agents and offices across the USA. Call ITU translations now for a free quote, ITU one stop translation agency.

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