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A Few Basics To Learn Seo

Just remember the time when training wheels were attached to your bike, and the idea of riding the bike without them was the scariest thing for you. But with time and effort, you learned the pedaling and balancing and riding a bike was the easiest thing to do on earth.

The same is the case with SEO. You need to have a good learning and understanding of the strategy to get you going. You need to learn the basics correctly, and if you dont do that, it might appear to be a foreign language. We are going to help you out to let go of the training wheels and assist you in starting your journey to become a professional SEO marketing website.

On-site SEO

If you were constructing a house and the underlying foundation is weak, there is no use to decorate the interiors of the house. With SEO, it is a similar case. The basic structure of your website needs to be well organized and should have a valuable content, Site maps, appropriate URL structure and bot accessibility.

You dont have to be intimated by these technical terms because you need to consult a good website developer, and he will be able to fix any problems that your site foundation has. Getting your website reviewed and examined by a professional web developer is a must because you never know this might be the reason for your low ranking on Google.

Valuable and Unique Content

Plagiarized or inappropriate content can be the most significant reason your website is not ranking well on Google. Numerous sites on the internet are not ranking well just because they have plagiarized content or have a messed up URL structure.

The best solution to solve this problem is to use Google analytics and examine which pages on your website get the lowest traffic. Consider joining these pages with the pages that get high traffic.

The title of the Tags

If you are a business owner and you want to rank for some specific services, you need to focus on service that gives you more revenue currently and is expected to provide you with increased returns in the future as well. The title of the tag on the homepage of your website is an essential factor. Make sure to choose a title that explains all your business metrics explicitly.

If you are targeting the local market, make sure that you add the city or area name in the title tag because this will help in increased ranking in the local market. Dont lust over ranking higher internationally when 80 percent of your business is for the local market.

The backlinks

Backlinks play a significant role in acquiring a high rank on Google. When you have an excellent structured website, the next step is to get quality backlinks. The domain authority determines your position on search engines. Mozs tool is a great tool to examine your domain authority, and you can also compare your domain with other websites easily.

Comparing your domain authority with your competitors website will let you know about where your site will rank on search engines.

To get quality backlinks Sign up with HARO. It is a great platform to acquire backlinks for your website. You will get emails from different media outlets daily, and you can respond to them and build quality backlinks for your website.

Avoid Getting Spam backlinks

Although link building is essential for your website, getting it through fake spam directory sites can be dangerous for you, and you can get charged with a Google penalty because of this.
If you already have spam links on your website, it is highly recommended that you upload a disavow file to your website so that it conveys to Google that you do not intend to be associated with the spam links.

Local SEO

Some businesses rank high on Google and have their address along with star ratings in the search listings. You must be wondering how they manage to do that. If you havent updated your My business Page of Google, you need to get it done quickly because it might help you rank higher a great deal. Here are some tips for doing that.

Your name address and phone number should be updated
The pictures of your business should be impressive
Keep a check on the reviews posted about you on Google My Business page
Enable the feature which helps the customers to ask about any details through a message