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7 Things That Are Part Of A Digital Marketers Job Description

When a company makes the decision to hire a digital marketer, they post a job ad in the newspaper or online hiring websites. Even though the job description of a digital marketer varies with respect to the company that he is hiring the marketer, their field of work and the industry in which they operate. A company would specify the skill set and knowledge that they are looking for, after assessing their digital marketing needs, and what they hope to achieve once they hire a digital marketing firm.


An individual who wants to become a digital marketer and later get a field in this area, should have a degree in marketing and advertising. He should have a bachelors degree and experience working as an intern for small or big firms. If possible, individuals should do crash courses in search engine algorithms, techniques for paid ads and the kind of content that appeal to customers the most.

The candidates who apply for the job, they should have experience managing pay per click marketing campaign, must have knowledge and experience in SEO, and the execution of affiliate programs.

Responsibilities Of A Digital Marketer

There are three main responsibilities that a digital marketer has to fulfill, when he takes up the position in a company. He has to devise strategies, develop content and manage online social media platforms for the companies.

Marketing Strategies

Every marketing campaign needs good planning and effective marketing strategies, that make a marketing campaign successful. A candidate should know how to devise strategies, that would increase website traffic for the company. He should know how to track the conversion rate of a website, and if there is a need, improve the website to make it more appealing.

Marketers need strategies to effectively implement digital marketing techniques and then assess their impact on the business of a company. The marketer would be responsible for looking after the website, which is why he should know how to design it and create brand awareness through it.

Developing Content For Platforms

A digital marketers main responsibility is to promote the business of a company, and promotion can happen through content generation. Content generation should be unique, creative, appealing and innovative. When users visit a website, they want to read, informative and helpful content that they cant find on other websites.

Developing content and customizing it for different platforms is what digital marketers have to do. The same content that a marketer posts on Facebook, they cant post it on Twitter, because the audience is different and the medium requirements are different.

Social Media Accounts

A digital marketer, apart from the companys website, also has to manage social media accounts of the company. The first thing a digital marketer has to do, is to fully assess the target audience of the company, the platform that they use the most and the kind of messages they would respond to. If the target audience of the company is on Twitter, but most of the marketing content is posted on Facebook, then that would be a marketing fail. The marketer should have full knowledge about the age group that buys from the company, sex and geographical location, to tailor messages accordingly.

Skills Of A Digital Marketer

There are three main skills that a digital marketer should have; skills are needed for the successful accomplishment of tasks. These skills include leadership skills, writing skills and management skills.

Leadership Skills

A digital marketer should be a skilled leader, because he has to influence others and get tasks accomplished. A leader not only sets objectives for his followers, but also guides them on how to achieve them. It is not necessary that a candidate for the digital marketers position would be given leadership responsibilities right away, but at some point, he would have to lead a project or act as a leader in a difficult situation, where he needs to make important decisions.

Writing Skills

Digital marketing is all about content promotion, and the only way to promote content is to write good content. Digital marketers should have excellent writing skills; they should know about the topics that customers want to read about, they should know how to optimize their content and how to distribute it through different channels.

A digital marketing candidate should know how to write short posts, long posts, come up with tweets that makes a message understandable, write press release, case studies, blog posts and e-books. Even if a digital marketer wont be writing every piece of content produced, on his own, he still has to manage and check the ones that are written by others. If the digital marketing candidate doesnt have the basic understanding of digital marketing content, and how it is different from other content, then it would be a drawback for the company.

Management Skills

In order to effectively manage a marketing campaign, a digital marketer candidate should have good management skills. He should know about the different management functions, how they can be used in promoting a business and managing the people working under him. There are many people who work in a digital marketing department, and each of these people has a different set of skills and responsibilities. It is up to the digital marketer to manage these people, tell them what they have to do on a daily basis and make sure that they get the job done.

A candidate wont get the job of managing a team directly, but if the candidate doesnt have the skills to manage, then he wont be able to accomplish his own tasks efficiently and on time.

The duties, responsibilities, experience and skills that are required by a company, for digital marketers position, are not limited to what is mentioned above. There are many things that companies add in their description, or take away; a job description is created according to the needs of the company.