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What Do Fire And Smoke Restoration Services Actually Do?

Unfortunately, fire damage does not only affect the interiors of your property, but its overall structural integrity as well. In order to save both your belongings and your home or office, you should acquire the services of a professional fire and smoke restorer. Only the experts in the field of fire and smoke damage restoration will be able to provide you with the services that you need.

Services of a Certified Fire and Smoke Restorer
A certified restorer will be able to make a critical assessment of your property and identify what needs to be done. They understand that your property does not represent your material wealth, but your memories as well. They will thus conduct all the necessary services in order to preserve your precious keepsakes, clothing, and furniture.

Eliminating Smoke Odor
Only highly-skilled professionals are capable of fully removing smoke odor and residue from your upholstery, drapes, carpets, and clothing. They have both the tools and the knowledge to deodorize your belongings before they become permanently damaged.

The chemical that will be used for deodorizing will depend on the actual material composition of the item. Restorers usually apply counteractants in order to break up smoke molecules and remove lingering odors. These counteractants are safe enough to use on clothes and dry cleaners also use them to treat foul smelling clothing.

Fire and smoke restorers can also perform an ozone treatment on properties that require deodorization on a larger scale. Often, all of the items that have been damaged by smoke and ash are put under a tent together with an ozone generator in order to completely remove the bad odors.

Another chemical treatment that can be performed in order to remove persistent odors is known as thermal fogging. This treatment makes use of a chemical fog that works in the same way as smoke would. Conversely though, instead of leaving a trail of foul odors, this treatment effectively neutralizes all lingering smells in walls, floors, and furniture.

Property Restoration
While it is inevitable that severely damaged items will need to be thrown out and replaced, a professional restorer will do everything that they can to restore truly irreplaceable items. They will test which items can still be restored and conduct the proper cleaning methods to bring them back to their original state.

The items that only have a light residue build-up can simple be wiped down. Likewise, items that cannot be washed are simply sprayed with a cleaner then wiped and dried.

Meanwhile, items that can withstand a more thorough cleaning are subjected to a wet or immersion cleaning treatment. This method involves submerging the items into a vat of cleaning solution. Contents that have a large amount of soot and ash build-up can also be scrubbed in order to remove the residue. To get a better understanding of how a professional restoration company in the Denver area can help you check out our website.

Drying Services
It can be particularly difficult to restore fire-damaged documents and photographs to their previous condition. However, a professional fire and smoke damage restorer can at least prevent your precious papers from incurring further harm.

Similar to the restoration services, the drying services will also depend on the material as well as the level of damage incurred. Documents that have simply absorbed too much moisture can be subjected to air drying or dehumidification. Meanwhile, items that are more severely damaged might need to be subjected to freezer drying or thermal drying methods.