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How To Write The Best Seo Meta Description?

The main function of a Meta description is to provide a description of then content that is posted on a web page. Even when SEO experts dont write meta descriptions on their own, a search engine, or a content sharing system would generate a meta description, automatically. However, this is something most Miami SEO digital marketer experts wont want. They would want to write a meta description that accurately describes their content, and appeals to the user the moment he sees it on SERPs.

Setting A Limit

A Meta description should have a character limit of 155 characters, like a tweet. This is because it is a summary or a description of what a page contains, and doesnt necessarily contain the actual content. The problem with a long Meta description would be that, the user wont read it, and it wont appear fully under the link of a website.

Good Description

A good Meta description would be one which clearly states what a web page or a website is about. The Meta description should be able to convince a user to click on the title tag. The description should be appealing and creative, that the user makes the quick decision to open the link, to satisfy their curiosity.

Using Keywords

SEO experts should never forget to use keywords in their Meta description. Keywords are important, because that is how a user finds the website of a brand that they want to explore more. For example, when writing an article about meta description, the keywords would be meta description, and be used at least three times.

The key thing to remember here, is to use the keyword naturally and not force it into the meta description. If there are too many keywords, then the description wont make any sense for the user.

Including Images

An SEO copywriter would do everything to make sure that the Meta description for his website stands out. This is why, apart from using text in the meta description, he can also use an image. An image, relevant to the description, would catch the attention of a user. For example, if a user has searched for a recipe, the meta description would be a short summary of the recipe, and if an image of that dish is also used, then the user wont take long to click on the website.

Sales Pitch

If a Meta description is written for an ecommerce website, then it would be best to include two things; what the website offers and why the customer should buy from it. A Meta description is like a first impression that a copywriter can make on the user, and if he loses this chance, then the user would move to click on a website, that has a better Meta description.

Meta descriptions are not easier to write, because to include appealing and creative information in just a few characters can be very difficult. This is why it should be left to the experts, who have knowledge and expertise of writing Meta descriptions.