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How Closely Are Seo & Social Media Related To One Another?

While it may not seem so on surface, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media are closely related elements of Internet marketing. Social media has a direct effect on organic search engine rankings. Social interactions, such as +1s, likes, retweets, and shares are always on Googles radar. While it is impossible to know to what extent Google emphasizes on these interactions and signals, but they are monitored and taken into account.

Measuring Visibility

If you want to improve your Search Engine Optimization strategy, then social media could help. Social signals can now be turned into quantifiable data, which can then be analyzed to adjust and modify future Search Engine Optimization and social efforts. Since social performance and relevance across the Internet is now calculated by search engines, meaningful adjustments can be made to an organizations social strategies.

Indirect Link Building

When it comes to SEO, link building is as important as it always was, and social media can lead to indirect link building. A company that has a healthy social following on social media websites and regularly posts content on their websites blog can expect their blog posts to get shared and discovered frequently. Without social media, the chances of those blogs posts being found tend to decline. So, thousands of shares of dozens of blog posts over the course of many months can prove to be very valuable for link building.


An active social following can enable businesses to naturally attract website traffic, increasing online marketing results if they frequently share content, such as blog posts. To search engines, it does not matter if the traffic is coming from Facebook or Twitter, all search engines see if the fact that traffic being redirected to a website rising. This can naturally enhance the authority of a business and cause their website to gain a page-one ranking.

Social Profile Rankings

Whenever people search for a brand or company in Google, their Facebook profile is usually among the top three or four search results. Social networks are valued by Google and so these profiles are naturally pushed to the top. When searching for certain brands, even their Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube profiles also show up. That is why ensuring that social profiles properly represent a brand or company is an important aspect of an SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Are Not Separate

Search Engine Optimization and social media tend to appear distinct, but they are far more connected than is realized. They may not have a definitive relationship, but a connection does exist. It may be an indirect connection, but emphasizing on social media and taking advantage of its features can lead to natural improvement of an SEO campaign over time.