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Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that allows a business to appear on Google Maps and Search. This will consists of adding the business’ photos, name, business hours, and of course, the location.

If you’re starting on your business using SEO, getting a Google My Business listing is important because it will add to your potential sales and revenue. When a person searches on Google for a product or service, they’re commonly close to buying that product or availing of that service. Therefore, it’s vital that all the information for your business is listed.

Google is as complete, optimized, and accurate, as possible. To learn more about listing your business on GMB, take note of the following steps:

1. Create an account

a. Create a Google Account or Log in to your existing Google Account, to link your business
b. Go to and click on “Start now.” This is located at the top right corner of the page
c. Log your business name
d. Key in the business address

e. Key in your preferred delivery. Check the box “I deliver goods and services to my customers” if you deliver by going to their specified address. Or, you also have the option to hide your address and just deliver to an agreed place
f. Choose the category of your business. Make sure to choose the most relevant one, since you’re telling Google which market you would like to appear in on your listing
g. Add your website (if you have one) and your business phone number
h. Choose to verify your business now, or to do it later.

2. On Verifying Your Business on GMB

There are a number of ways to get verified. You can either do it by postcard, phone, email, instant verification, or bulk verification.

3. Optimizing Your GMB Listing

Go to the GMB dashboard and select the listing you want to work on. Choose “info” and then select a section to update. Fill in the information and make sure to add all relevant details about your business. Note though that anyone can edit the page as seen on the “suggest an edit” tab, so it’s a must that you are either constantly logged in, or that you get everything entered accurately in the first place.

4. Download the App

This app is available for android and iOS. Use this app to:

* Post photos and statuses

* Update your business profile, such as present location, business description, and contact information
* Change settings
* Examine search insights
* Provide ownership to another user
* Delete business listings

Note: Do not confuse “Google My Business” with “Google+” or “Google Places for Business.” Google Places has been retired since 2014 and was replaced by GMB. Google My Business is now the main hub in organizing your business information that will appear on Google Maps, Search, and Google+. Google+ is a social networking site where there are groups and communities that you can have your business join for more social network presence, and hopefully, sales.