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Choosing The Right Criminal Barrister: What You Need To Know

Facing criminal charges is something that could potentially turn your life upside down. In order for you to handle these charges yourself, you’d require extensive knowledge on complex legal procedures. Given the fact that most of us don’t spend our days studying law books, this is where a criminal barrister comes in.

Even though you’ll most likely be dealing with a solicitor rather than a criminal barrister directly when facing trial, you will still need to find a great representative. In this article, I’ll show you how to do exactly that.

While there are many more points to consider when choosing the right criminal barrister, most are beyond the scope of this article. The most important points, however, are summarized below.

1. Before choosing the right criminal barrister, you first have to choose the right law firm. Since you’ll not only be dealing with your representative, but many of the people working here, you’ll have to be able to rely on professionalism. Often times, the reputation of a barrister is directly linked to that of the firm. Hence, it is important to choose wisely and make your decision based on years of experience in this field.

2. Even though the solicitor will be your first point of contact, you’ll still want to make sure that you personally meet the barrister who’s going to take your case. Make sure to discuss all the details of your case during this meeting.

3. Be open about all the details, but do not strain the barrister by posing argumentative questions and/or a hypothesis. The more time you require of him or her, the higher your fees will be.

4. Make sure that you are completely calm before you step into the office. You do not want to burden the case with any emotional or social problems you might have. Be personable but formal.

5. This is not the time to go bargain shopping. Choosing the right criminal barrister might affect the rest of your life. So it’s better to compare several law firms based on quality, reviews and experience rather than price. Look for client reviews, like those found on lawyer Michael Wolkind’s website.

6. Last but not least; during your meeting with the barrister, make sure to talk about the cases he handled that were similar to yours. Assess your chances.

Take the first step in finding the right barrister today by using only reputable sources.