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Affordable White Card Training Online

Now you can get high quality, convenient and affordable white card training without leaving home, simply by registering online and complete the course online and via the telephone.

The White Card training at is a reliable and simple way to complete mandatory safety training. All you need is a computer, printer and internet connection. Our course is also compatible with Iphones, just follow these easy steps,

  1. Register online and make payment using a credit card
  2. Review the course material online and complete the assessments online
  3. Complete the telephone based verbal assessment by calling our Brisbane based call centre during business hours.
  4. Send us the necessary documents including your signed declaration and certified copy of ID.
  5. Wait for your White Card to be dispatched via The Australian postal system.

The white card should reach you in a few days but if you’re in a rush, we also have an express delivery option available for an additional cost.

Getting to Know More about The Online White Card Course

If you plan on beginning work in the construction industry, regardless of your position or trade, you will have to complete general safety training first.

General safety training for the construction industry is known as The White Card Course (CPCCOHS1001A). This competency unit can be delivered by a selected number of Registered Training Organisations, of which we are one. The white card we issue you with on completion of the course is recognised nationally.

The actual course is delivered completely online, which expedites the process and makes it simple even for people with basic computer skills to follow.

Some of the topics covered by the course including WH&S legislation, basic hazards and controls most likely to be experienced in the construction industry.

Because the course is so affordable (a fraction of the cost of other courses), it is popular amongst employers and individuals in the construction industry. You also save on the added expenses of travel costs, textbooks and course material, lunch expenses etc.

Just because the course is affordable and there are no minimum entry requirements, it doesn’t mean the course is sub-standard. Our course has been developed by industry experts and our user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to follow. The assessments are straight forward and the system prompts the user, so the interaction promotes better retention of information.

So if you want your white card in a hurry, the online white card offered by is the best option. Register today, complete the course from your home, any time of the day or night and you could have your white card in your hands within a week.